Thursday, September 25, 2014

By Waves From Coast To Coast

Greetings, vast readership! I bet you're wondering if I just gave up entirely before I even began. Well, no. But my summer assistant teaching engagement led directly into our move across the continent, where we were greeted with an ongoing teachers strike that led to my nearly going insane from prolonged exposure to my children. I just didn't have a moment (or, more precisely, sufficient chunk of moments) to focus my attention on Shakespeare. But good news! We are down to about five moving boxes and the strike was settled, so the children are all in school. I can start thinking again.

 Above is a picture of our bit of coast, so you can see why I have been easily distracted. Good news for Shakespeare lovers, though, the celebrated Vancouver rain has rolled in.

No ETA, but I'm resuming my read of Much Ado and will work on my post. Preview: I'm surprised to find the play on the page rather more clunky than I'd thought it was. I think this is one that really comes alive only in production. More on that later, and hopefully I'll be able to rewatch a few of the notable film versions again, depending on the vagaries of Canadian Netflix and my local library.

(Today's title: "And he, good prince, having all lost, by waves from coast to coast is toss'd" comes to us from Pericles, Act 2, Prologue, lines 33-34.)